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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wilma Blogging

Below is my first day of Wilma blogging. My post for October 24th is here.

This post will remain at the top of my blog all day. Others Florida bloggers blogging on Hurricane Wilma include

Florida Cracker
Something... and Half of Something
Theodore's World
Boudicca's Voice
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The Laughing Wolf(He has a long list of Florida Blogs and a map of where all of us are located)

I'll add blogs to the list as the day goes on. If you're a Florida blogger following Wilma trackback to me and I'll link to you on the front page.

This isn't my first try at hurricane blogging. Check here and here for our brush with Katrina in August. Click here for my comments on Hurricanes Jeanne and Francis from last year. I didn't blog back then.

The newest forecast at 5 a.m. has Wilma staying more to the south. They say don't pay attention to the redline, its hard not to when it runs through the middle of Palm Beach County where I live.

We're under a Hurricane warning now. The Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel have lots of excellent Wilma coverage.

There is even a Tropical Storm Alpha now. They should have named him Fred instead, and then we wish both him and Wilma a safe trip to Bedrock.

I'll continue blogging throughout the day as long as I have power, so look for updates. Dear wife is planning on church today and we still have to make last minute preperations for the house. Don't you just love Filipino women. :)

7:10 a.m. update- Blogspot is still acting up. I have a backup site for my postings. Its under construction, so please ignore the mess.

9:00 a.m. update- Welcome Michelle Malkin readers. Thank you Michelle for linking here.

I've started preperations. Brought things in from outside. Our shutters aren't closed yet, but this is a two-person job. Someone has to hold them shut on the outside while a person inside fastens them with a screw and bolt.

Dear wife and I will do this as soon as she returns from Miramar. She is on the way home now. We may not be going to mass.

I'm running laundry.(Yes this man does laundry) If power is lost, I need as much clean laundry as possible. After Hurricane Francis last year we had no power for parts of 9 days.

Noon update- Wife came home and we went to mass. She also brought home ALOT of food from his sister's birthday party. We got leftovers for a week(Filipinos + Party= Lots of Leftovers), that's if we have power to heat them after tomorrow.

3:45 p.m. update- Our shutters are up, yard cleared and garage prepared. The last is so we can pull our car inside. Its too tight a squeeze under normal circumstances but we cleared a path now.

Weather outside is alot more cloudy and the wind is picking up. However we do have sun.

Local television stations have the football games on.

In the event I lose power, I've made Don Surber a guest blogger here at TFM. Don writes excellent posts and I'm sure you will like him. He will try posting daily knucklehead winners till I'm back. Welcome Don and thank you.

6:40 p.m. update- Welcome Poliblog readers. No rain or wind yet, Sun is still out. They are expecting Wilma to make landfall tomorrow around 6-7 am on Florida's southwest coast. She'll cut acroos the state. Good news, Wilma is moving fast. Bad news, she probably won't be weakened much while hitting Florida.

11:15 p.m. update- Wind is picking up. No heavy rains yet. The latest advisory has Wilma back at Category 3 status. Nor has the storm changed course.

I'm usually asleep by now but can't sleep. It looks like a long night and then day ahead of us.

All preperations are done here.

God bless all residents of Florida.

Wilma blogging continued here.

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