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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I feel faint Part Three

For the second time in a little over five weeks I find myself in agreement with NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd. She writes-

Yet Obama is oozing empathy compared with his attorney general, who last week called us "a nation of cowards" about race.

Eric Holder, who showed precious little bravery in standing up to Clinton on a pardon for the scoundrel Marc Rich, is wrong. We have just inaugurated a black president who installed a black attorney general.

We need leaders to help us through our crises, not provide us with crude evaluations of our character.
Holder's statement is crude. Most people don't like talking race for one big reason- The slightest misstep can get you labeled a racist. So its safer to avoid the subject.

I won't say anything more. Look I am a coward too!


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