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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodbye Fred

The Jacksonville Jaguars have released their star running back.

Running back Fred Taylor wanted to end his career in Jacksonville, hoping to join the small list of standout players who spent an entire career with the same team.

He won't get the chance.

The Jaguars released Taylor on Monday, parting ways with their all-time leading rusher after 11 seasons and continuing the team's offseason makeover.

Coach Jack Del Rio flew to Fort Lauderdale earlier Monday to meet with Taylor and deliver the news. Del Rio made it clear the team has no plans to re-sign Taylor, who turned 33 last month and was scheduled to make $6 million next season.


Taylor has said he would like to retire after passing Jim Brown (12,312) on the career list. Brown, Chicago's Walter Payton (16,726), Detroit's Barry Sanders (15,269) and San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson (11,760) are the only running backs ahead of Taylor who spent their entire careers with the same team.

Taylor was not available for comment Monday.

Releasing Taylor was no surprise since he had clearly become the second option behind Maurice Jones-Drew.
Taylor's release is regrettable but I understand why it was done. Sports management needs to be unsentimental if it is to succeed. Fred Taylor's best days are in the past, and his cost to the Jaguars in the terms of salary, high.

I think Taylor will find another NFL willing to take him on. How about it Tampa Bay?

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