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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Running again

Fidel Castro has been nominated for a seat in the Cuban parliament.

HAVANA - Fidel Castro was nominated for a seat in Cuba's parliament Sunday, leaving open the option for the ailing 81-year-old revolutionary to stay on as the communist-run island's president.

A National Assembly seat is a prerequisite for seeking the presidency, and if Castro had failed to be nominated it could have heralded a decision to remove himself from the office after almost a half century as Cuba's undisputed leader.

The Cuban leader was nominated Sunday by city council officials in his eastern home province of Santiago, a step in a multitiered process that will eventually determine his political status.

There was no immediate word on whether Castro will accept the nomination. If he wins a parliament seat during national elections Jan. 20, he would remain in the running to retain the presidency of Cuba's supreme governing body, the Council of State
The nomination comes as no surprise. It was announced some months ago that Castro would be running again.

Despite this blogger's periodic announcements to the contrary, I believe Castro is still alive and breathing. When the Cuban dictator dies, we'll hear it loud and clear in the United States through OFFICIAL Channels.

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