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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Take your predictions and shove it

Are you sick of Dr. William Gray and his hurricane forecasts? So is Florida businessman Harris Rosen.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Central Florida's most famous hotel owner, Harris Rosen, lashed out at hurricane expert Dr. William Gray for his gloomy storm predictions saying they have damaged state tourism.

Rosen said he believes Florida lost billions of dollars in business because of Gray's outlook and even threatened a lawsuit.

"Look, doctor, you've made these forecasts and you were wrong once," Rosen said. "You made the forecast and you were wrong twice. Are you going to continue to make these forecasts?"
I don't care for Gray either and have criticized the crank prognosticator's predictions plus where he gets his backing. Who is to say Gray's predictions aren't influenced by the insurance company that helps fund him? I mean, insurance companies use prognosticators like Gray to set their insurance rates.

As much as I dislike Gray, a lawsuit isn't a solution. First of all, Gray has the right to say whatever he wishes. He'd be likely protected under the first amendment, and anyone who reads my blog knows I'm a supporter of free speech. The media who publicizes Gray's guesses are also protected under Freedom of the Press. A lawsuit isn't a solution. Hopefully the press will catch onto Gray's funding, one member of the MSM already has, or otherwise ignore this scientist when he makes his proclamations. Enough wrong guesses, and the MSM may finally come to its senses.

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