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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The wedding must go on

A side story to last week's coup attempt in Manila

MANILA (Reuters) - Nothing, not even an attempted coup, was going to stop this wedding.

A Filipino couple who were due to hold their wedding reception at a luxury Manila hotel moved the venue to another across the road after soldiers calling for the overthrow of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took over the building.

The bride, 30-year-old Maria-Stella Magtayo, had dressed in her room at the Manila Peninsula Hotel and entered the lobby in an off-the-shoulder white gown, bouquet in hand and a friend holding the train.

"I'm going through with this. Rock n' Roll!" she said, as rebel soldiers with automatic rifles and scores of journalists paced around the lobby.

Her groom, Rian Montano, 31, was still in his shorts and T-shirt because he had not started to get ready. He was wearing hotel slippers.

"We were having breakfast when these guys broke in. I knew at once it was something bad," he said.

Montano said the wedding would now be held at the Shangri-La Hotel across the road, and that guests who had arrived from around the world would be taken there.

The couple and their guests got out of the hotel by a side exit when the rebel soldiers were briefly trying to prevent people from leaving.
The wedding did take place. Now as punishment, the coup perpertrators should be left in room one at a time with female members of the wedding party. Being berated and tortured by angry filipinas will teach those men a lesson.

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