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Thursday, November 29, 2007

That should have been an easy one

The South Florida child custody battle sometimes called Elian II looks to be coming to an end.

A 5-year-old girl at the center of an international custody dispute will remain in the ''sole custody'' of her Cuban father, who would stay in the U.S., under a negotiated settlement that ends a bitter, protracted courtroom drama.

Meanwhile, the girl's Coral Gables foster family will be allowed regular visits with the girl on alternating weekends, sources close to the negotiations told The Miami Herald.


The settlement, sources have told The Miami Herald, allows Izquierdo -- who raises pigs and malanga in Central Cuba -- to retain sole custody over the girl and places no significant restrictions on his parental rights over the child.

The Cubases -- a Coral Gables couple who have cared for the girl for much of the last two years, and adopted her older brother -- will be allowed regular visits on alternating weekends, at least until May of 2010, sources say.

In May 2010, Izquierdo would be permitted to leave the United States and return to Cuba with his daughter, sources say. If Izquierdo chooses to remain in the U.S. longer, or to seek permanent residency, the Cubases would be allowed to continue their weekend visits until Aug. 31, 2012.
Note- the girl's name is Rachel.

If not for politics, this case would have been decided long ago. Iquieredo is the girl's father, he never relinquished the right, therefore he gets custody of Rachel. End of story.

Alex at SOTP, who is Cuban-American, writes-

This is the best decision; the one that two families caring for a little girl were able to agree on, leaving politics aside.
I'm sure the Cubasas bonded with Rachel, and losing her is going to cause a great deal of pain. However that was the risk when they took custody. As long as the father was still alive, he could come back to claim Rachel.

I wish everyone well, Rachel most of all. God bless.

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