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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Broken moral compass

Ever hear the joke about the two oldest professions and why they have a great deal in common? From AP-

LONDON - Prime Minister Gordon Brown, caught in a scandal over donations to his Labour Party and stung by a string of woes, insisted Tuesday voters would judge him on a long-term record, not current crises.

Brown held a news conference the day after Labour's General-Secretary Peter Watt stepped down, acknowledging he knew a donor was channeling funding through associates to dodge transparency rules.

"The money was not lawfully declared, so it will be returned," Brown said.


"My moral compass says that what happened over these donations ... is completely unacceptable," Brown said. "That's why, the minute I knew that this was happening, I have taken action."

Smiling broadly as he was questioned by reporters, Brown claimed the public would conclude his response to recent turmoil has been correct.

"People will be able to look back, people will be able to see we took the long-term view, took the difficult decisions and then moved on," Brown said.
Giving the money back doesn't absolve Brown(or any politician) from taking donations that are unlawful. I don't care which party is doing it. In their quest to seek office or stay in office, all politicians prostitute themselves to raise funds. They seldom ask questions about who is giving it, candidates for office just want the dough. So stop feeding the press and public bs about moral compasses.

Brown, who just became British PM this year and first ran for political office in 1979, should know better. That voters can judge elected officials on any issue, past or present, that they wish to.

Note- The two oldest professions- Prostitution and Politics. What they have in common? 1- They both take money for a favor and they're both out to screw you.

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