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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CLVII

People running a Pot House use classical music to cultivate the plants. Nothing makes marijuana grow in Florida like Mozart and Beethoven. Isn't this a great state or what.

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Deputies said they noticed the smell of marijuana in the clothes of a 31-year-old man whom they pulled over Tuesday morning and arrested on a warrant for mortgage fraud.

When asked, Carlos Andres Bermudez admitted he was growing pot at his house at 4704 Oleander Ave., according to deputies.

That confession set St. Lucie County sheriff's deputies in motion this morning dismantling one of the most elaborate grow houses seen in a county already well-known for indoor marijuana cultivation.

Nothing from outside the unremarkable, single-story house on this quiet residential street hinted at the more than 100 plants living in botanical luxury inside, deputies say.

According to county property records, Bermudez bought the home in January 2005 with partner Leonardo Lozada. They paid $205,000 for the 1,484 square-foot home on 1.07 acres. The three-bedroom, two-bath home was built in 1952 of concrete block, records show.

The plants basked in classical music playing from wall-mounted speakers. They soaked in light from high-intensity lamps rigged with small motors that crawled along rails mounted in the ceiling.

Save for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garage, deputies say Bermudez had converted the entire house into a climate-controlled, hydroponic marijuana garden capable of producing more than 100 pounds of marijuana ever three to four months, at the rate of one pound per plant.

"I've never seen this kind of detail," said Sgt. Dan Jones, of the sheriff's special investigations unit who estimates he's dismantled at least 60 grow houses in his career. "What's amazing is how far he converted the house to get to this point."

The plants grew in two large rooms built with specially-insulated walls, with separate chambers set aside for plants in various stages of growth.

A longtime neighbor from across the street said the man who lived at the home would come and go, park his truck there for three or four days at a time and keep to himself.

"We never met him," said John Jacobs.

Indoor marijuana farms are hardly new to St. Lucie County, where housing is far more affordable than in areas to the south.

In the city of Port St. Lucie alone last year, authorities busted nearly 70 grow houses.

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