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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just say no to another Scripps

From the Sun-Sentinel-

The Max Planck Society, an international research giant based in Germany, is poised to open its first U.S. institute in Palm Beach County — if the county and the state can meet its requirements, the county Business Development Board announced Wednesday.

Board President Kelly Smallridge said the renowned research organization, which has 78 institutes worldwide, has agreed in concept to come to the county and set up shop alongside The Scripps Research Institute, the California-based group that opened a branch in Jupiter two years ago.

The deal is contingent on the county and the state chalking up a $190 million incentive package, which would include land for the institute on the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University. The price could prove too rich for some county commissioners, weary after the county's $340 million payout to lure Scripps.

"The goal here, and the interest in bringing Max Planck into Palm Beach County, is exactly as we envisioned," Smallridge said. "I don't think we could have dreamed of bigger or better because it doesn't get any better than the Max Planck Society."
Above emphasis is mine. The 340 million doesn't count the time spent by county government(over several years) to get the Scripps deal approved, and any other costs(legal, administrative) in addition to the $340 million dollar payout.

If the The Max Planck Society wants to come to South Florida, let them foot the bill. No more hundred million subsidies/incentives to get companies to settle here, like was done with the Scripps Research Institute. Taxpayers have paid enough already, and in this time of threatened budget cutbacks(which seem kind of contradictory or phony when you read news like this.), I don't know where the money is supposed to be coming from either.

Besides Palm Beach County can do without the drama we got from the Scripps affair.

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