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Monday, August 06, 2007

Still looking

Governor Charlie Crist is still searching for someone to replace disgraced Palm Beach County Commissioner Warren Newell.

At least 21 people have applied to Gov. Charlie Crist's office for the appointment to replace Warren Newell on the Palm Beach County Commission.

But don't be surprised if Crist picks someone else.

People close to the process say the guv's headhunters haven't limited their search to the official applicant pool.
As I previously noted, I don't live within the boundaries of County Commission seat three. So I can be eliminated. LOL, I don't think calling Governor Crist a Knucklehead award would have helped my cause in any case.

That doesn't necessarily rule out logged-in candidates like Boynton Beach Mayor Jerry Taylor or Dagmar Brahs, the former Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations prez who's backed by County Commish Karen Marcus. But it does suggest that Crist's office hasn't been bowled over by the names it has received so far.
Brahs lives outside the District and the city administration of Boynton Beach is under a dark cloud at present. If Crist appoints Taylor to replace Newell, I will give Governor Crist another Knucklehead award.

Former state Sen. Don Childers said he sent in an application Friday after he was encouraged to do so by a representative of Crist's office.

Among the outside-the-pool names that have been mentioned in Tally: school board member Bob Kanjian, who has supported property tax cuts and spending limits for local non-school-board governments. Appointing Kanjian would give Crist a twofer, as he'd also get to name Kanjian's school board replacement. Kanjian went through the governor's vetting process before Crist appointed him to the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in May.
I have no opinion on a potential selection of either Childers or Kanijan. My knowledge of both these men is very limited.

Bottom line- I have no problem with Governor Crist taking his time. The people of Palm Beach County deserve the best possible man or woman to fill the 3rd District County Commission seat.

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