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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another fool who can't count

This time its Lawrence Downes, a member of the New York Times editorial board. In a Friday column, Mr. Downes wrote-

In 1968, one of those awful years for which the term “hell in a handbasket” was invented, a war-weary, riot-torn nation gave its heart to a cerebral man of action with a passion for law and its elusive partner, order.

He was fictional, but that was about his only shortcoming. His name was Steve McGarrett, and he ran an elite state police unit called Hawaii Five-0. He kept a gun under his arm and his principles in his spine, under a crisp, broad-shouldered suit jacket. He also kept a mighty head of glossy black hair, on which only a forelock was permitted to sway in the warm island breezes. Control meant a lot to him.

“Hawaii Five-0,” with Jack Lord as McGarrett, aired on TV for 13 years, fading away just before the Reagan era. Its fans, who have had to survive on reruns and bootleg videotapes, are now bingeing on DVDs. The first season was released in March; the second came out on Tuesday.
TFM is a big fan of Hawaii Five 0 and I bought the Season 2 DVD when it came out this week. I just hope it doesn't take 5 years for CBS DVD to put out all 12 seasons or they stop the putting the seasons out all together.

Read that carefully, 12 SEASONS. Why then did Lawrnence Downes write 13 at in his column. Was it just a typo?

No its a sign of bad addition that's seen both in the MSM(Particularly sports broadcasting) and other parts of America today. Its a screwball type of math, that's just 100% wrong. I'll explain how Downes got to 13 years.

He counted them this way. 1968- One 1969- Two 1970- Three 1971- Four etc etc till you get to 1980 which counts as 13.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! If one goes to the Internet movie database, or this Hawaii Five 0 fan page you'll discover the show ran for twelve seasons. Also, the show's first airing during prime-time television was in September 1968, the last was April 1980. That isn't even twelve years, but 11 years and 7 months. I'll be fair and count by the total of seasons Hawaii Five 0 ran, that's 12. The bottom line is Lawrence Downes even with degrees from Fordham University and The University of Missouri, can't do simple math. Just like this touranment's organizer who counted anniversaries staring with the very first tournament. I mean if we all counted that way, I'd be 47 and born in 1961. NOT!

When you have such stupidity working in the media, or the boardrooms of America, you can easily understand why our education system so fails children today. There are educated people out there who can't count.

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