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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Steep Learning Curve

From the Palm Beach Post-

DAVIE — Coach Cam Cameron hasn't backed off comments he'll conduct an open quarterback competition, despite the efforts Miami took to sign Trent Green.

Cameron privately has told Dolphins veterans not to assume the 14-year veteran with the multimillion dollar contract will handle the first snap of the regular season.

During the first week of training camp, Green hasn't given Cameron a reason to change his mind and anoint him the starter over 27-year-old Cleo Lemon. Green, 37, has both looked like an aging veteran and a first-year quarterback learning a new system.

For every glimpse of Green's Pro Bowl form from his days in Kansas City, like a 60-yard pass to Chris Chambers Wednesday, there is a head-scratching moment where he throws into coverage, or an ugly interception.

Yet, few seem to be surprised by the early struggles, least of all Green and Cameron.

"It's a learning process," Green said. "You might see more interceptions at this time of year than you normally do because this is the time where it's OK. It's not going to be OK once the game starts."
Green was brought in so Miami would have an experienced QB and so he could teach 2nd Round pick John Beck. Why does today's news make me even more concerned about the Dolphin Quarterback situation?

Some could say this is just one press report. Go and read the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel articles from today. Neither paints a flattering picture of Trent Green either.

Then some could say Green is a good quarterback adjusting to a new team. Take a close look at Green's stats for 2006. 9 INT, and 7 TD. Yes he suffered a concussion in game one, then look at his play after coming back.

| 1 cin | 11 15 90 0 1 | 4 21 0 |
| 11 oak | 9 16 102 0 0 | 2 4 0 |
| 12 den | 13 22 161 0 1 | 4 10 0 |
| 13 cle | 24 32 297 4 1 | 1 0 0 |
| 14 bal | 15 27 178 1 2 | 1 10 0 |
| 15 sdg | 23 41 185 0 1 | 1 3 0 |
| 16 oak | 12 24 148 1 1 | 2 -1 0 |
| 17 jax | 14 21 181 1 2 | 4 12 0 |

Throw out the Cleveland game, Green threw just 3 touchdowns the rest of the year. In only one game did Trent throw for over 200 yards. At present I question Trent Green's ability to help Miami in any way this year.

How about the possibility of playing Lemon or Beck?

Lemon, who has started one NFL game, has alternated practices with the first-team offense and been solid. He just hasn't been spectacular, which Lemon admitted he'd need to be to beat out Green.

Rookie John Beck has shown improvement, but isn't a viable candidate for the starting job.
Lemon at best would be an adequate QB. Beck is still learning(He's 26 years old this year. How long can Miami wait for the BYU grad to learn the NFL system?), and Green is questionable. I'm predicting Miami to go 5-11 or 6-10 this year.

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