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Thursday, August 02, 2007

One out of fifteen

Some news from Singapore-

Singapore, Aug 2 (DPA) The national organisation overseeing Muslim religious affairs in Singapore has appointed a women to its governing council for the first time in its 40-year-history, the body said Thursday.

Zuraidah Abdullah, 45, was appointed for a three-year term starting next week.

The naming of Zuraidah, chief executive of a self-help group, as one of the council's 15 members was announced online.

'It's a good start,' The Straits Times quoted Fatimah Azimulah, president of the Young Women Muslim Association, as saying. 'There should be more women on the council.'

Given that half the Muslims in the city-state are women, 'the council should hear women's views', she said.

Singapore's predominantly Chinese population includes 15 percent Muslims.

Zuraidah said she is honoured and grateful.

The association had lobbied for women to sit on the council in the past, but no one was willing to step forward.
This is a small but hopefully signifigant step in the Muslim world. Changes in long-term thinking or culture rarely happen overnight. While Singapore has just a small Muslim minority, the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Malaysia have majorities that practice Islam. Maybe they will learn a lesson from Singapore.

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