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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It was just roleplaying

Some news from Russia.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - It was supposed to be a showcase of Russian democracy, but in a twist that may not augur well for next year's presidential vote, an election for the leadership of a staunchly pro-Kremlin youth group turned out to be a sham.

A Russian newspaper reported on Wednesday that Vasily Yakemenko, head of the Nashi youth group, got members at a summer camp last week to vote for a new leader as he intended to seek a senior government position instead.

Thousands of supporters chose a young activist called Nikita Borovikov to replace him.

But according to Kommersant, citing a source close to the Kremlin, Yakemenko was forced into a U-turn when the Kremlin failed to back his plan, and called the election a "role-playing game" rather than a real one.

A spokeswoman for Nashi denied there had been any change of plan, saying the vote was intended as a role-playing exercise from the start.

Nashi, which boasts 100,000 members across Russia, casts the enemies of President Vladimir Putin as fascists and harassed the British ambassador for several months last year after he addressed a meeting of opposition groups.
Does that mean there will be more Vladimir Putin like leaders for Russia? Just with or without the KGB training? That doesn't bode well for either Russia's neighbors or its own citizens.

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