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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not so sharp

Some news from Malaysia.

A Filipino woman was fined yesterday in Malaysia for threatening her condo-minium manager with a knife. The complaint stemmed from the unit’s leaking roof.

According to the Malaysian newspaper The Star Online, Ederlina Hampac Katzengruber, 38, was asked by a magistrate court in Kuala Lumpur to pay 500 ringgit, or around P6,600, for pointing a knife at Jodie Monica Ho Mei Yi in December last year.

Katzengruber, who lives in the condominium unit with her Australian husband, reportedly confronted Ho with a knife and threatened her over the management’s failure to promptly act on her request to fix her unit’s leaking roof.

“The court was told that Katzengruber pointed the knife at Ho and told her, ‘Jodie, do you see this?’ and said it was ‘easy to stab someone in the neck’ and ‘(I) don’t care being put in the jail,’” the report said.

Katzengruber also told Ho that the management’s failure to repair her unit’s leaking roof for four days has damaged the things she kept at her balcony.

After the incident, Ho complained to the police on Dec. 12, 2006 after learning that Katzengruber had also threatened workers carrying out the repairs.

The Star said Katzengruber admitted to committing criminal intimidation on Ho with the knife and putting her in fear that day.

Her lawyer said the Filipino woman committed the offense “due to frustration with the management who failed to repair the roof using the correct tiles.”
There is no excusing what Katzengruber did. The article made no mention of what her sentence will be. Caning as a form of punishment is prevalent in that part of the world.

This story reminded me of a movie Dear wife and I watched not long after getting married. Our favorite quote from the movie was-

"I'll do anything for a woman with a knife."
James Bond is a wise man. LOL.

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