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Friday, August 03, 2007

KJ Choi- He's the man

From AP-

AKRON, Ohio -- K.J. Choi can think of 10 million reasons why he wants to win the FedEx Cup, and it adds up to one reason why he might be a sentimental favorite.

"If I'm able to win it, I want to give it all to charity, 100 percent," Choi said.

The FedEx Cup is a yearlong points race that culminates with four tournaments at the end of the year, with the winner getting $10 million in deferred compensation. Choi was asked what it would feel like to be paired with Tiger Woods in the final group with something that large riding on the outcome. That led him to talk about charity.

"I could think of so many things I could do with that money, so many good things," Choi said through his agent and interpreter, Michael Yim of IMG. "I want to help a lot of the unfortunate kids around the world. I want to set up my own foundation, like Tiger. Thinking about what I can do with that money, it just motivates me.

"I think I'd be too happy thinking about that to feel any pressure playing with Tiger," he said. "I'm looking forward to the PGA Championship and the FedEx Cup. It's just a lot of opportunity for me to do some good deeds for those kids that really need it."

Choi already has won twice this year, at the Memorial and AT&T National, putting him at No. 5 in the FedEx Cup standings.
Another South Korean golfer with a big heart. Remember Mi Hyun Kim's donation to Kansas tornado victims? KJ has had excellent year in 2007 with two victories so far, but I don't understand how the Fedex Cup winner is determined. Maybe because I think the Fedex is a dumb gimmick. I do wish KJ good luck in his quest.

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