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Friday, August 03, 2007

Paging Randy Chapman

Your Aunt Pearl died and left you a fortune.

Randy Chapman is oft-arrested, possibly homeless and -- court records show -- has a habit of showing up drunk on public property.

He's also in line for a small fortune. Somebody needs to tell him.

Chapman, 51, is due at least $50,000 left to him by aunt Pearl Hauenstein, who died in 2000, his family said. If Chapman doesn't claim the money in the next two years, it goes to the state of Indiana.

Mae Lou Howard figures her cousin Chapman needs it more. The problem is that she can't find him.

The family hasn't heard from him in 19 years.

After a difficult childhood, he moved at 17 to Kentucky, then to South Florida in the late 1970s. He has been arrested seven times since 1981 -- including once two weeks ago -- and gives police a different address nearly every time. Howard fears he has no address at all.

''I would hate to think that his future was mine, that I had no hope, no dreams, no future,'' Howard said from Mitchell, Ind. ``Whatever he gets today might be his last meal.''

And so, for the second time in two decades, the search is on for Chapman.

Back in the late 1980s, Chapman's family made a push to find him. Chapman's brother Steve had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. They thought Randy might be a match.


The family located Chapman in South Florida. But Chapman wanted $1,000 to take the test, a demand that spawned a memorable Indianapolis Star headline -- Randy Chapman earns his blood money -- as well as some scornful coverage in the National Enquirer (I can't believe my own brother is being so cold, blared the headline).

In the end, the test showed he wasn't a suitable match.
After that episode, I'm surprised family members are looking for Chapman. Blood is thicker or dumber than water. TFM is happy to assist to assist the Chapmans and Howards find their long lost relative. Though I'm doubtful he ever reads my blog, but who knows someone who knows Randy may stumble upon it.

Update- Chapman has been found. Darn! I won't get a finder's fee.

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