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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog days are over

From the Tampa Tribune-

Racing days are over for the dogs of Tampa Greyhound Track, officials announced Friday.

The Nebraska Avenue track's daily poker games now attract a bigger crowd than the greyhound races, general manager Mike Hater said in a news release. The facility plans to hold its last greyhound race on Saturday, Aug. 18.

After that, all dogs remaining at the track will be spayed or neutered and cared for until they are adopted.
The racing business, whether horses or dogs, is dying a slow death. Fewer and fewer people want to gamble on a race that lasts a minute or two, when they can gamble almost non-stop in other forms(Poker, slots). Some parks like Pompano have adapted, others like Tampa Greyhound have closed or are closing. My interest in racing has waned since my father passed away. Dad loved the races, and that kept me interested.

Almost seventy five years of racing will end next week. Tampa Greyhound Track will need to change the name of its website.

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