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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sole purpose

Some news from Pensacola. 292 phone calls to 911 to ask women about their feet. Why didn't Mr Ford just hang out around podiatrist offices?

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Cheveon Alonzo Ford apparently has a foot fetish.

He has been accused three times — including Tuesday when charged with making 292 false 911 calls — of calling women and asking about their feet.

The calls to the emergency line began about July 1. The caller would hang up if a man answered. If a woman answered, he asked about her feet in a sexual manner.

"I hate to see anyone get in trouble," Bob Boschen, 911 communications chief, said Wednesday. "I'm glad this situation has been resolved."

Pensacola police arrested Ford, 21, twice in 2005 on harassing phone call charges.

The first arrest was in July 2005. He was accused of calling a woman at least 16 times. One of the calls was to a fax machine.

"Ford admitted to making the calls ... and that he had a problem with sexual fantasies, for which he had already had counseling through Baptist Hospital," a police report said.

Ford was arrested again in October 2005 and accused of repeatedly calling another woman.

"(Ford) admitted to making the calls ... asking to rub her feet," a police report said. "He stated he had urges to make the calls and was off his medicine."

Ford pleaded no contest to charges in both cases and received jail time.

Ford had his initial court appearance Wednesday on his latest charges. He pleaded not guilty and was scheduled to appear in court again Sept. 4.

Escambia deputies arrested Ford on Tuesday after Global Positioning System coordinates were used to track the calls made to 911 to a cell phone at a home on Kelso Road.

Ford told the deputy he made the calls using his Verizon prepaid phone.

The deputy later asked him why he made the calls.

"I have no minutes on my phone, and 911 is a free call," Ford told the deputy.

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