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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running a reverse

The latest in the Michael Vick saga-

ATLANTA - Horrified by the dogfighting allegations against their star player, the Atlanta Falcons planned to suspend quarterback Michael Vick for four games until the NFL asked the team to hold off while it conducts its own investigation.

What remains unclear: Has Vick played his final game for the Falcons?

"This sort of behavior is really horrific," Falcons owner Arthur Blank said Tuesday, the team's first public comment since Vick was indicted last week. "But these are charges. We have to let the legal process play out."

Blank said he would encourage Vick, indicted on federal charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation, to put his career on hold while the case is pending.

"These charges are extremely serious," Blank said. "This is not about playing football in 2007. This is about having a life going forward. My only personal suggestion to Michael would be to focus on his defense and focus on putting his life together.

"This is a very difficult process he'll be going through over the next couple of months. It's very difficult to do that and focus on football at the same time."

With training camp beginning Thursday, the same day Vick is scheduled to be arraigned in Richmond, Va., the Falcons felt they had to make a decision on the player who led them to the NFC championship game during the 2004 season and last year became the first quarterback in league history to rush for 1,000 yards.

For now, Joey Harrington is Atlanta's starting quarterback.
God help Atlanta. Miami Dolphin fans are well acquainted with the hapless Harrington.

While Vick has been told not to go to camp, The NFL hasn't made clear whether this is a temporary measure or not. Vick may still end up playing this year, for it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the NFL says their investigation is inconclusive. As for Atlanta suspending their QB voluntarily, that's as likely to happen as my being elected State Representative where I live. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is not about to take an action that would severly harm his team's performance. After all, he's a businessman and the Falcons success is tied to Vick.

When all is said and done, owning a professional team sports is a business. An owner will almost never willingly take action(s) that will harm his company's bottom line.

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