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Thursday, July 26, 2007

More pay to play

The allegations against West Palm Beach officials still remain. Now accusations are being made against a Boynton Beach official.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Wednesday began reviewing documents and statements taken during a six-day police investigation into a developer's "pay-to-play" allegations against Boynton Beach Commissioner Ron Weiland.

Boynton Beach Police Chief Matt Immler said in a statement Wednesday that statements taken from Samantha Simons, president of Intown Partners Inc., and Barbara Rudd, vice president of Intown, were turned over to the State Attorney's Office along with documents the developers provided police. Simons' testimony before city commissioners July 17 was also handed over to prosecutors.

The developers say Weiland asked for payment for David Katz, a former city commissioner who lobbied in favor of Intown.

The State Attorney's Office now has jurisdiction over the case, said spokesman Michael Edmondson, adding, "We've had a number of individuals provide information to our office."

Edmondson would not specify who or how many persons had stepped forward with information regarding the allegations.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement received information from the State Attorney's Office on Wednesday regarding the case, said department spokeswoman Paige Patterson-Hughes.


Intown was chosen last year as the developer the city would negotiate with to revitalize the Martin Luther King Jr. corridor in the Heart of Boynton. Katz, who was on the commission from 1993 to 1995, lobbied on behalf of Intown, although he was never hired to do so. The city ended talks with Intown earlier this month and began negotiations with a competitor, Auburn Group.

After the talks ended, Simons alleged that Weiland asked her during a March 14 meeting, "When am I going to pay David Katz?"

Katz now works as a lobbyist for Auburn Group.
It will be interesting to see where the State Attorney's investigation goes. The question I have is- Will the feckless Barry Krischer get to the bottom of any corrupion that occurred? I don't have faith in the ability of the Palm Beach County's State Attorney.

I do think this is just further proof that Governor Crist shouldn't appoint Jerry Taylor to the vacant County Commission seat number three. There is too many allegations of monkey business in Boynton Beach City government at present and the last thing needed is another disgrace to be added to the County Commission. Warren Newell and Tony Masilotti were enough in TFM's mind.

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