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Monday, July 23, 2007

Just stupidity

Don't any of these guys watch television.

FOUR CORNERS - There was the Orlando youth hockey coach. The volunteer firefighter. The 50-year-old Homeland Security employee.

One by one, the men arrived at a suburban home west of Orlando looking for a girl they found online -- a girl detectives say the men intended to meet for sex.

But as the men showed up for their sexual rendezvous, there was no 13- or 14-year-old girl in sight. Just dozens of armed law-enforcement officers.

From Thursday to Sunday night, 22 men had been arrested, most of whom are not from Polk County. Of the men who arrived at the home in northeast Polk, about 15 live in Metro Orlando.

Among those arrested from Central Florida were Nathan C. Galbraith, 22, who told detectives he coaches an Orlando youth hockey team; and David Ronan, 42, of Kissimmee, a volunteer firefighter.

Arthur Auld, a registered sex offender in Ohio who now lives in The Villages was also arrested. Auld, 59, told detectives that he was going to be on a mission trip to Rochester, NY soon with his church, Eagle's Nest Baptist Church in Fruitland Park. Auld said adults and children would be on this upcoming trip.

Also arrested was Joseph Cioffi of Altamonte Springs -- a U.S. Homeland Security employee who trains screeners at Orlando International Airport, the Sheriff's Office reported. Cioffi told detectives he is a former sheriff's deputy.

Asked by reporters observing the sting why he came to the home, Cioffi mumbled, "Just stupidity," as he was escorted out the front door by law-enforcement officers.
Mr. Cioffi you sure are dumb. Maybe his stupidity had something to do with this incident from a few months ago. In addition this is the second Orlando airport TSA employee to be arrested in a sex sting. Sure makes parents of small children feel safe when their children get examined by these bozos. I wonder if Cioffi didn't get enough jollies from airport xrays.

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