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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The July 4th Knucklehead Marathon Part Fourteen

Our fourteenth winner today is former Palm Beach Police Officer Molly Olson. She gets the award for the following.

Palm Beach Police Officer Molly Olson was fired Wednesday after being accused of violating five departmental policies and procedures relating to a string of on-duty crashes in her patrol car on Christmas Day.

A combination of video evidence and witness testimony described Olson striking two legally parked cars. An internal investigation later determined she'd struck two roadside mailboxes earlier in the day.

Olson told investigators she had "no memory or knowledge" of being involved in the crashes "due to an adverse reaction to a combination of over-the-counter and prescribed medication[s]."

A drug test conducted after the crashes revealed no alcohol or illegal drugs in her system.

She told investigators she was in a sleep-walking, amnesia-type state at the time of the crashes.

"She believes that the [medication], a sleep medication, caused this to occur," Sgt. Jeff Trylch wrote in his report. "She said that she believed that the [medication] taken in combination with her other medications, prolonged the effectiveness and made it almost like a double dose."

Details of the medication were redacted from the report for privacy reasons.

The counts against Olson documented in the investigative report are:

* Failure to report/leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

* Not checking the video and audio recording systems in her patrol car at the start of her shift.

* Improper handling of evidence or property in connection with an investigation.

* Untruthfulness.

* Failing to obtain the approval of a commanding officer before reporting for duty while taking lawfully prescribed medications likely to impair physical and mental faculties.

Accounts of Olson's behavior that day varied. She arrived several minutes late for lineup and was wearing flip-flop shoes. She later changed to uniform socks and shoes.

Those questioned described her as lucid and alert when going on duty, "aloof and not overly concerned" when questioned immediately after the crashes, and "explosive at the station after the toxicology testing" and "literally crying hysterically."
The video of Ms. Olson's escapades can be seen here. The officer was quite calm as she checked damage to her car. Another fine example of Florida law enforcement. NOT! Former Palm Beach Police Officer Molly Olson is our fourteenth Knucklehead of the Day.

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