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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The July 4th Knucklehead Marathon Part Twenty-Seven

Our next winner is the Sun-Sentinel. They get the award for the following.

What's wrong with that you're asking? It's the newspaper's front page and there is something missing. News! As Bob at The Daily Pulp wrote-

Their cramped front page came sans stories. Just a photo montage of people literally draping themselves in the flag, the usual cluttered, oversized junk drawer, and, of course, a sizable Comcast ad at the bottom.

The cover does allude to several Americans' "stories" inside, but they turn out to be tiny vignettes. No, vignettes is too good a word. They're snippets, every one of them about as illuminating as one of those junk drawer blurbs.

I looked at a lot of newspapers across the country this morning and I'm betting the Sentinel is the only non-tabloid to go story-free on the front. It's an interesting move -- maybe they can get those troublesome and ungainly reported stories out of the newspaper altogether some day. The advertisers would love it, after all.
Bob, Bob, Bob, you work in the MSM. The newspaper business is about reporting the news, not pleasing advertisers. That's why it is so important to read all about Paris Hilton. Shame on you for not knowing this!(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

A newspaper front page without news, another low in South Florida journalism. That's why the Sun-Sentinel is our twenty-seventh Knucklehead of the Day.

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