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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CXXXVI

Disgraced Lee County Sheriff George Knupp is pre filing to run for the same office again. This in spite of his once being indicted for perjury and having to subsequently give up his law enforcement certification. I don't know what's worse, Florida law allowing a crook to run for Sheriff or Knupp having the chutzpah to even try. Don't you just love Florida?

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TAVARES - Former Lake County Sheriff George Knupp wants his old job back.

According to county election records, Knupp, 66, has pre-filed his intent to run for sheriff next year. Pre-filing means that the Republican can accept contributions and spend money on his campaign. But he still has to collect nearly 1,800 signatures or pay about $8,160 in qualifying fees before his name will appear on next year's ballot.

Knupp -- who filed the single sheet with officials on July 20 -- did not return a phone call left Monday at his Eustis home.

The former top cop accepted a settlement agreement earlier this year stemming from a 2004 grand-jury investigation that accused him of lying under oath. Grand jurors had been investigating how his office sold surplus vehicles.

Knupp was elected four times as sheriff, starting in 1988, before he was arrested Feb. 25, 2004, on a two-count perjury indictment.

As part of his settlement, Knupp was allowed to give up his law-enforcement certification, which isn't a requirement for elected sheriffs. Though he apologized in a 2004 open letter to Lake residents, saying, "I should have never been anything less than fully accurate," Knupp also said that he "did not intend to again seek election as your Sheriff."

While Sheriff Gary Borders has said he plans to run, officials say no one else has pre-filed for the slot.

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