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Monday, July 30, 2007

Contact sport

Bicycling can be dangerous for your health in South Florida. From the Miami Herald-

Police were looking for a truck with county government markings after a hit-and-run accident involving a bicyclist.

The cyclist was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in serious condition. He was expected to live.

The cyclist was believed to be riding east on Quail Roost Drive (Southwest 200th Street) at about 127th Avenue when he was struck about 8 a.m.

A witness said the vehicle was a white pickup with Miami-Dade County markings. Police canvassed the neighborhood but could not locate the truck. Four blocks of Quail Roost were blocked off by the Florida Highway Patrol as police checked for tire tracks and other evidence. Since it is a state road, FHP has joined Miami-Dade police in the investigation.

The cyclist was apparently wearing heavy construction boots, which were left at the scene after he was taken away. It was not clear if he was wearing a helmet.
The twist on this often heard tale in Florida is the vehicle involved being government property. Usually the car doing the hitting is either driven by an elderly person who's half blind, or someone in trouble with the law or fearing arrest.(An illegal alien)

Both my younger brother and father got struck by cars when out biking. Neither was seriously hurt. I however had a 'run-in' with a government vehicle. A car I was driving in 1980 or 1981, was hit by a dizzy broad working for the Florida DOT. She was driving on the wrong side of the road. When there were only two lanes! In my case, the woman didn't leave the scene of the accident. Lucky or unlucky me.

Sometimes I feel the only place in Florida is one's home.

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