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Monday, July 30, 2007


Today we had a milestone visitor to TFM. It took this blog a little over two years to get there.

I'm probably too snarky, too incoherent, too dumb, or any of another half dozen descriptions, to ever have a high traffic blog. The most monthly visitors TFM ever had was in September 2006, mostly due to the Mark Foley scandal. A little over 15,000 people came to the blog. October 2006 was almost as busy and was the month TFM had its 100,000th visitor.

Of late I've been in the 11,500-12,500 range. Page views coming in at 16500-17500 a month. I don't have many regular visitors. I do get a lot of google traffic, like the screen capture to the left. My posts on Kellie Lim still bring me traffic on a daily basis.

For the few comments I get, and the light traffic that comes here, I often ask if I should give up blogging. For the mean time I'll keep on doing it. If only to keep some members of the MSM honest. People at the Palm Beach Post sometimes read this blog. Tomorrow I'm going to hand out a Knucklehead that will be very unflattering towards a publication and a blogger who works for them. Apparently they feel any lie that supports their position is justified. This in a blog post questioning another publication reporting on events in Iraq. The hypocrisy of these two is astounding, but to me not surprising. I've written the author, and he refuses to correct the post in question. I got six email from him yesterday to back it up besides other proof.

The same blogger also made a post that smells like plagiarism, for the source was provided to him by another blogger. A promise to the source to link to them in order to give credit wasn't done for over five days. This was only corrected yesterday, but it took my hammering Michael Goldfarb in a series of emails, to make it come about. Like with his lie in another post, I got emails to prove what I'm saying. The email Goldfarb printed would have never been sent to him, without my and Blue Star's involvement. My part was very small and unknown to Goldfarb till yesterday, but Beth at Blue Star deserved credit.

Sadly some people in the blogosphere and the MSM, will lie and walk all over anyone they consider insignifigant. Tommorow Michael Goldfarb and The Weekly Standard are going to be hit back as hard as this little blog can. Sounds like a mismatch and probably is but I'm going to say what needs to be said. Stay tuned.

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