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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Found reward money

From the Tampa Tribune-

TAMPA - Oscar Carter is looking forward to one very long-awaited shopping spree.

He and former schoolmate Jarvarious Jones finally can claim the reward they earned five years ago when they found a paper bag stuffed with $4,000 cash and turned it in to their school resource officer.

The Hillsborough County school district and Colonial Bank have located the boys' missing reward money. Each is slated to receive $1,310.

Carter and Jones were 13-year-olds at Greco Middle School when they found the money near their school bus stop. The good Samaritans won citizenship awards and met with then-Gov. Jeb Bush twice. They got new bikes and threw out the first pitch at a Devil Rays game.

But when Carter tried to claim his reward, school officials didn't know where the money was.

After reading about the boys in The Tampa Tribune, bank officials discovered a $1,500 savings account established in 2002. The next day, school administrators reported that two more accounts had been set up in the boys' names, each with $560.
I blogged about the missing reward money here. Congratulations to Oscar Carter and Jarvarious Jones. Spend the money wisely.

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