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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Don't leave home without your laptop

From AP-

WASHINGTON - Sun block. Beach umbrella. Laptop.

One in five people toted laptop computers on their most recent vacations, an AP-Ipsos poll released Friday said. Along with the 80 percent who said they brought along their cell phones, the survey shows going on vacation no longer means being out of the electronic loop.

Sizable numbers are interrupting their unwinding time to check in at the office and, even more so, to keep up with the social buzz.

About one in five said they did some work while vacationing, and about the same number checked office messages or called in to see how things were going, the poll showed. Twice as many checked their e-mail, while 50 percent kept up with other personal messages like voice mail.

The credit — or culprit, depending on one's view — is in part today's array of devices that can easily keep people digitally tethered to workplaces, friends and family. The electronic gear was most commonly brought along by younger people — one in four below age 40 brought laptops, compared to 15 percent of those 50 to 64 and even less for older people.

Reasons vacationers performed work-related tasks include an expectation that they be available; a worry about missing important information; or in some cases the enjoyment of staying involved, according to analysts and some of those surveyed.
I've taken the laptops I've owned to Poland, Czech Republic, London, Austria, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and that is just the places outside of the United States. While I have never used my portable PC for work, I can't imagine going too long without internet service. Yes I'm addicted and I bet most bloggers are also.

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