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Monday, May 07, 2007

Microsoft Piracy

From AP-

MOSCOW - A court Monday found the principal of a village school guilty of using bootleg Microsoft software and ordered him to pay a fine of about $195 in a case that was cast by Russian media as a battle between a humble educator and an international corporation.

The trial of Alexander Ponosov, who was charged with violating intellectual property rights by using classroom computers with pirated versions of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software installed, has attracted wide attention.

Russian officials frequently allege that foreign governments, including the U.S., are meddling in Russia's internal affairs, and Russian media reports have portrayed the case as that of a Western corporation bringing its power to bear on one man — in this case, a principal who also teaches history and earns $360 a month.
Mr. Ponosov is a teacher and he only makes $360 a month? Why do I think the Russian economy is in a sad state of affairs at present.

I find the amount of the fine interesting. For the retail price of a Windows Operating System at present is higher than what Mr. Ponosov's fine. Did a Russian court inadvertently tell the world what they think the true value of Microsoft's prodcuts are?

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