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Commentary, sarcasm and snide remarks from a Florida resident of over thirty years. Being a glutton for punishment is a requirement for residency here. Who am I? I've been called a moonbat by Michelle Malkin, a Right Wing Nut by Daily Kos, and middle of the road by Florida blog State of Sunshine. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FPL strikes again

It looks like for the second time in four years, my desktop computer has been fried by a power surge. The last happened in June 2003. I have two surge protectors on the machine, but Florida Plunder and Loot blows out my machine. Every other appliance in the house apparently is all right.
My laptop, like it is all nights, was unplugged. So I'm blogging away on that instead. A friend named Bob does our computer repairs. I'm betting he is busy right now, and I'm not the only one to get whacked by FPL.

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