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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easy come, easy go

From the Miami Herald-

Jose M. Battle Jr., convicted last year along with his father and two others on racketeering conspiracy charges, was sentenced on Friday in Miami federal court to nearly 16 years in prison and was ordered to forfeit $642 million in assets.

Battle, son of Cuban-American mafia don Jose M. Battle Sr., must forfeit financial assets from bank accounts, businesses and real estate. Among them: a Swiss bank account, a Key Biscayne condo and all payments due to Havana Club Wear.

Last July, Battle Jr., Manuel I. Marquez Sr. and Julio Acuna were involved in five premeditated murders, four arson attacks resulting in eight deaths and in $1.4 billion worth of illicit activities.

Their convictions followed a plea deal last May by Jose M. Battle Sr., who has been in poor health. Battle Sr. was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Known as the ''Cuban godfather,'' he was the boss of a crime syndicate dubbed ''The Corporation'' that stretched from New York to South Florida.
A life of crime was very profitable for the Battles but won't do them any good in jail. Now what will happen to all this money? Perhaps a new stadium for the Marlins?

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