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Friday, March 23, 2007

The case of the absent absentees

We're not talking Perry Mason but the Palm Beach County Elections office.

The Palm Beach County elections office said Tuesday that it mistakenly sent absentee ballot envelopes - but not the ballots themselves — to about 70 Lake Worth voters for next week's runoff elections.

Elections staffers learned of the error Tuesday afternoon and began trying to call about 200 Lake Worth voters who requested absentee ballots for the runoffs, which will decide the mayor's race and a city commission seat.

Voters who didn't get their absentee ballots will be mailed new ones, said Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson.

"It is being addressed immediately. ... We have adequate time" before next Tuesday's elections, Anderson said.

Anderson said the problem was limited to Lake Worth and not the three other municipalities - Lake Clarke Shores, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach - that have runoffs.

The elections office learned of the problem after fielding a call from Lake Worth resident Walter Baker, who requested absentee ballots for himself, his wife and his son.
Don't you just love Florida elections. One shouldn't expect much competence out of Anderson, he is not a one-time, but a two-time Knucklehead winner.

The municipal elections this month had glitches with the vote tallies as reported on the internet, while the Post and others took shots at Anderson, TFM didn't. The MSM wants the results yesterday, and the results on the internet are for info purposes but everyone seems to forget that. Now I'm not so sure the criticism of Anderson's office was unwaranted.

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