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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not a good sign(s)

From the Orlando Sentinel-

The electronic sign on the side of Interstate 4 is supposed to warn motorists of an upcoming exit.

This weekend, someone reprogrammed it with a slightly different message: "NASCAR sucks. Go home."

Florida Department of Transportation officials said a prankster with the right kind of keyboard and a password changed the sign this weekend as hundreds of thousands of race fans poured into the area.

The sign -- a 7-by-10-foot movable message board -- was posted near the Saxon Boulevard exit by the eastbound lanes, DOT spokesman Steve Homan said. An employee noticed the unauthorized message late Saturday night. By Sunday morning, the sign was switched off.

Homan said employees checked to see whether the locked box that houses the sign's electronic guts was pried open. It turned out to be unlocked, but someone still needed the correct keyboard and password, which is available to highway contractors, consultants and DOT employees.

"It was clearly someone that was familiar with that operation," Homan said, though he said DOT would not try to find the culprit. "There are just people that are inclined to use our means of communicating, I guess."

The employee who did this(if one was responsible) deserves to be fired. State equipment was used in an improper manner and this demands termination. What will this person do the next time?

If DOT is this lackadasical with discipline and the work they do, you have to wonder what other shenanigans are ongoing at that Florida department. Then DOT has shown its stupidity in the past. Once a Knucklehead, always a Knucklehead?

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