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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What impact?

Some news from the Miami Herald titled 'Privacy case could impact 200 million drivers'.

In a Florida case that could affect 200 million people nationwide, a settlement proposed Wednesday would resolve lawsuits claiming that national information companies improperly used sensitive motor vehicle records for marketing purposes.

The 11 lawsuits were filed by people in Florida who charged that the companies got and used their personal information without permission.

But both sides want a federal judge in Miami to make it apply to anyone whose driver's license or vehicle registration data was obtained by the companies since April 1, 1998.

''Everyone agrees that no one should have their driver's information used for marketing purposes without their consent,'' said Tom Loffrado, spokesman for the companies, which include Atlanta-based Choicepoint Inc., Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Experian Information Solutions and U.S. units of London-based Reed Elsevier.

Under the agreement, most of the defendant companies would adopt a series of safeguards aimed at protecting personal data commonly available from state motor vehicle agencies. No damages would be paid in the case, although each of the original plaintiffs would get up to $15,000 each and the lawyers involved could get $25 million in fees and expenses from the companies.
Oh that impact. Some lawyers get a $25 million windfall. A few drivers, probably countable on my toes and fingers, get a small payout.

Just one more instance of class action madness and how screwed up the US justice system is. Lawyers get rich, guilty men get wrist slaps, Supreme Court justices who ignore the Constitution and innocent people get jailed. One day this country may have a revolution because of one too many injustices imposed by either the legal system or the politicians in this country.

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