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Monday, December 18, 2006

These are PUBLIC schools

From the Sun-Sentinel-

An investigation has been launched into how many public schools in Broward County have made low-performing students and their parents sign contracts that threaten to expel the children if they do not improve their grades and attendance.

District leaders say they were not aware of -- and never authorized -- such contracts.

"I understand that failure to comply with the above listed item will constitute reason to withdraw me from [J.P. Taravella High] and I should explore other educational avenues," one contract reads.

"I am infuriated," said board member Robin Bartleman. "What bothers me is that we're a public education system and our doors should be open to everyone. Now to find out that this could possibly be widespread disturbs me. This is our job. You're not supposed to give up on kids."

Administrators say they do not know how many schools have adopted the practice or how many students, if any, have been expelled under such a contract.

"We were not aware, at least those of us in the administration, that this kind of activity was going on," said Keith Bromery, a district spokesman. "It is not condoned. When we found out about it, the interim superintendent took immediate action to order all principals who may be engaged in this activity to immediately cease and desist."
First I'll state my remedy for this absurdity- Every principal in Broward who had students who signed contracts should be immediately fired. No exceptions. This is a public school system, students do not get expelled just because their grades aren't up to standard.

This may not be possible for legal reasons. If so, a recall(if possible) of the whole Broward School Board(A bunch of Knuckleheads already) is the next remedy for parents in the county. The schools need to be taken away from people who feel the need to threaten children and forget these are public schools. Hell I wish there was a way to prosecute these jackasses.

Note- I'd give the Broward County School Superintendant a Knucklehead award except for the fact Broward just fired one. The acting superintendant inherited this situation.

I've come to the conclusion that the FCAT exam needs to be dumped. Schools in Florida are becoming testing not learning oriented and this fiasco is just the latest proof. Students are being threatened over their test scores, and that tells me and any rational person that these tests and grading of schools because of them, has grown to be harmful to education not a help.

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