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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yesterday I didn't blog much due to having some personal business needing to be done. It involved much running around here in Palm Beach County. So much so that I put over 60 miles of the odometer without ever being more than 10 miles from my home.

One oddity happened yesterday. My driver's license needed to renewed and my old license is falling apart. So I made an appointment and went to the office near my house. I failed the eye exam! They asked me to read the fifth line on the eye chart, which consists of 3 columns. I could read the center and right columns but the left was blank to me. They moved me to a different machine, there I read the center and left columns but the right was blank. Now I have to have a form signed by an optomertrist before having my license renewed.

I had my eyes examined as recently as last June. So I took the form to Dr. Richards and was told it would be ready on Monday. My failure on the eye test is bizarre to say the least. I only use my glasses for driving at night and sometimes when watching television. When reading the glasses actually bother my eyes.

I'll get my license next week and this will be all in the past. But I've decided to contact my primary doctor on Monday also. I'll relate what happen and ask if he would like me to come in or maybe go to have another eye exam. See I'm a malignant melanoma survivor, and brain metastisis is something that needs to be looked out for in a person like myself. What happened yesterday was probably nothing, but I'll feel better if I get this checked out by my doctor.

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