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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Help finance my wife's shopping trips

$1.99 a gallon for gas in Northern Florida.

People driving along U.S. 98 in South Santa Rosa County on Saturday were not seeing things.

The price of gasoline plummeted to $1.99 per gallon for several hours at two neighboring stations in Midway.

Hanif Shaikh, manager of the Hop In Texaco, said his store sold about 19,000 gallons by 2 p.m.

Shaikh said the reprieve in pump prices was a goodwill gesture.

"This was a one-day-only thing," he said. "I wanted to do something for the people in this area. This is my Christmas gift to them."

Steven Hall, assistant manager of the USA Travel Center, sold about 7,000 gallons in a four-hour span.

"I don't know if we'll do this again in the future," Hall said. "It's definitely possible."
The cheapest gas price that I have seen in my part of Palm Beach County is $2.27. Please send a little relief my way.(I can dream at least, right?)

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