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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fast learners

From the New York Daily News-

Columbia University officials are lowering the boom on some graduate journalism students suspected of cheating on, of all things, an ethics exam.
The J-schoolers' alleged lapse on the final was reported yesterday by Radar Online.

The exam in question consisted of two essay questions to be completed in 90 minutes any time during a 36-hour period.

Students who took the test early were instructed to avoid discussing the questions with those planning to take it later, but the warning was ignored.

One honorable young scholar got wind of what happened and blew the whistle, sources said.

Vice Dean David Klatell told students in an e-mail that there had been a "serious problem" with the final and ordered them to attend a special session of the class "Critical Issues in Journalism" today - or fail.

The order applies only to the Friday morning section. The evening section is exempt.

It was unclear how many students could be affected.

The course, which includes such issues as "Why be Ethical?" and "Tribal Loyalty vs. Journalistic Obligation," is taught by New York Times columnist Samuel G. Freedman, who could not be reached yesterday.

One source said of the special session, "It's an 'Out yourself or you'll all have to suffer' situation."

A Columbia spokesman confirmed Klatell had fired off the e-mail, but did not release details about the "problem."
You could already say these students are well trained for their new profession. They'll cheat and lie and have experience with leaks. Where else did the Daily News article come from? I don't think Columbia made this public.

Who says the education system in America is failing?(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

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