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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Mall shooting

From the Palm Beach Post-

BOYNTON BEACH - A shooting at the busy Boynton Beach Mall has left one person dead, according to police.

The victim was apparently targeted by the gunman, said police, who have three suspects in custody.

Police are now searching the mall for additional suspects.

The mall's loud speakers directed Christmas Eve shoppers to evacuate the mall.

At 3:50 p.m. today, security guards were telling people to leave the parking lot.

The mall was expected to be closed for the rest of the day.

The Boynton Beach Mall is four miles from my home. My wife shops there weekly and I go there frequently.

AP is also reporting now.

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - One person was shot to death and three gunmen arrested at a crowded mall on Christmas Eve, prompting police to evacuate the building in a search for more possible suspects, authorities said.

Boynton Beach Maj. Frank Briganti told CNN investigators think the person killed was targeted by the suspects at the Boynton Beach Mall, north of Miami.

No other injuries were reported.

Mall spokesman, Sam Yates, said the shooting was outside of a store inside the mall.

I heard about this about 75 minutes ago. A friend of my wife called us. She is a manager at a shop in the mall. At the time the friend was confined to the store as the police looked for one of the suspects. Dear wife wasn't home but not down at the mall.

The local news stations were slow to report this news. Only at 5 p.m. did Channel 5 break away from regular programming.

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