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Sunday, November 12, 2006


From the Palm Beach Post-

A rookie deputy went to a bar in uniform while he was on duty to convince a 20-year-old sexual assault victim to stop pursuing the case against her alleged attacker, sheriff's office spokesman Paul Miller said.

Deputy Anthony Pilallis, 32, was arrested Thursday night and charged with felony witness tampering.

"This conduct is outrageous. We're just appalled someone in full uniform would do something to coerce a witness. This is the first case I can recall like this," Miller said.

He allegedly told the woman that she could avoid arrest for underage drinking at TW's Lounge west of Boca Raton if she agreed not to testify in the kidnapping and sexual assault case against Robert Cucci Jr., 26.

Pilallis, who worked road patrol in the south end of the county since he was hired in July, did not investigate the Cucci case and had no official reason to know about it, Miller said. It's unclear whether he got inside information from the sheriff's office special investigations division or someone else familiar with the case, Miller said.

Deputies are still trying to piece together Pilallis' connection to Cucci. At the time of Cucci's arrest for assault, he was already on probation for drug sales, according to state records.

Pilallis went to the bar on State Road 7 on Oct. 27 with a picture of the woman and the bartender pointed her out. To try to talk her out of testifying, he said the alleged attacker had suffered enough during the three months he has been at Palm Beach County Jail awaiting trial on the kidnapping and assault charges.

The woman reported the incident to the state attorney's office. Pilallis was arrested at his Boynton Beach home Thursday evening. Bail was set at $3,000. The sheriff's office has placed him on administrative leave.
It will be interesting to find out what motivated Deputy Pilallis to do what he did. If I were to guess, I'd have to say Pilallis was some how linked to Robert Cucci Jr. Nothing else makes sense.

Whether he is ultimately found guilty or not guilty, I feel Piallis has no business being in law enforcement. TFM feels strongs that our those in our legal system or law enforcement should be held to the highest standards. What do you think?

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