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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Majoring in blogging

From the Palm Beach Post-

This spring, as 13-year-olds across the country break in their baseball gloves and count down the days until summer vacation, students in Florida will have important questions to mull over.

That's because Florida's eighth-grade students, including more than 13,000 in Palm Beach County, will be the first in the country who must select high school majors. The statewide majors are a provision of Gov. Jeb Bush's "A-plus-plus" plan designed to make Florida schools more relevant to children.

More than 50 of the state's 138 "major areas of interest" will be available to Palm Beach County students, from the academic, such as social studies and science, to the more technical and career-oriented, such as assistant automotive detailing specialist.

"This is intended to be a career plan to help them better engage in making plans for their future," said Elizabeth Decker, director of the school district's department of K-12 curriculum, adult and community education.
I blogged my opinion of majors in high school in this earlier post. TFM's opinion hasn't changed, its still a dumb idea.

Here's the list of majors available. I checked, blogging isn't on the list. Teaching teenagers how to do sarcastic commentary and snide remarks is just impossible. For its an skill one must be born with. Right?

Rick at SOTP is also blogging on this news. He thinks this is a major waste of the time.

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