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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bumper Cars

From the Sun-Sentinel-

Police received a call that a burglary was in progress in a home on Tropicana. Police investigated and spotted a dark gold Nissan Maxima leaving the driveway.

After confirming a burglary had been committed, police followed the Nissan east on Pembroke Road into Hollywood. At I-95, the car got stuck in heavy traffic and was unable to move. Police got out of their units and approached.

The driver of the Nissan began ramming vehicles both in front and in back of him in an attempt to escape. An approaching policeman, Officer Joe Caliechio, was struck by the car. Other cops ran up and began breaking out the side windows of the lurching car. Another officer fired into the front windshield, but it was not known if anyone was hit.

At that point, the Nissan escaped from its prison and crossed the median. In the process, the car's back window fell out onto the roadway. The vehicle headed east in the westbound lanes for a short distance, then sped onto I-95. It was last seen heading south.
These South Florida policemen could use some remedial classes in criminal apprehension. I was just down in Miramar last night and am glad not to have seen this spectacle.

Hat tip- Rick at SOTP who says A dented up Altima with broken side windows, a missing rear window, and at least one bullet hole in the windshield will have no problem blending into Miami-Dade traffic. LOL.

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