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Friday, October 13, 2006

Two miracles

Some news from Northern Ireland-

A remarkable Ulsterwoman tells today how she became a mum, despite battling cancer since 1990.

That Barbara Johnston (35) is alive today is incredible as she became pregnant as she battled the disease at an advanced stage.

Just over a year ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Sam.

Barbara, a teacher at Moyle Primary School in Larne, first had a mole removed after she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 16 years ago.

Then two years later she had her lymph nodes removed after the cancer spread, followed by other lumps on her skin two years following that.

By 1994, the cancer had spread to her lungs and shoulders.

Last year, against all the odds, Barbara became pregnant and last May gave birth.

Yesterday, she helped hand over £1.25m from the charity 'Friends' to Belfast City Hospital's Cancer Centre.
Truly an incredible story. Ms. Johnston is a stage IV MM patient. Stage IV melanoma has a 8-10 month median survival rate. Its incredible she is alive at 12 years, alone having a newborn baby. Congratulations to Sam and Barbara Johnston and God bless them both. Thank you Barbara for your hard work raising money to fight this terrible disease.

Note- TFM is a malignant melanoma survivor. I've been Stage II since December 1993.

The rest of the Belfast Telegraph article is below.

"It is unbelievable that I am here today and I have a healthy baby boy. I was very lucky.

"I am in remission at the moment. I have a lot of faith and belief in prayer and the whole community was behind me.

"The care and compassion shown to my family and I by the staff of the hospital and the charity was wonderful.

"All of this has got me through."

She appealed to people in the province to never give up hope.

£1.25m cash gift to aid ulster cancer patients

Ulster cancer patients are to benefit from the latest world research into the disease thanks to one of the province's biggest-ever single charitable donations, it has been revealed.

The £1.25m cash gift will allow patients access to the latest technological developments in cancer treatment.

The cash was raised by patients, families and campaigners involved in the newly-renamed Friends of the Cancer Centre (formerly Friends of Montgomery House, Belvoir Park Hospital).

The project will fund The Friends of the Cancer Centre Chair in Radiation Oncology, to be based at Queen's University Belfast.

The donation by Friends will enable the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre and Queen's to avail of a world- class academic leader and drive forward research and innovation in radiation oncology. The new charity is situated at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre at the Belfast City Hospital.

Friends chairman, Raymond McMillen said: "Friends of the Cancer Centre is clearly demonstrating that it is a forward-thinking, innovative and a well-supported Northern Ireland charity."
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