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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Florida 16th news

From today's Palm Beach Post-

Elections supervisors in Florida's 16th Congressional District plan to post notices at polling places next month to inform voters of the change in Republican candidates as a result of U.S. Rep. Mark Foley's resignation.

Supervisors in seven of the district's eight counties agreed during a conference call to post notices at the registration tables of all polling locations to inform voters that ballots cast for Foley will count for Joe Negron.

The notice also will tell voters that a vote for Tim Mahoney, the Democratic candidate, will count for Mahoney and a vote for Emmie Ross, who is unaffiliated, will count for Ross.

Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson was not on the conference call and was unavailable for comment Wednesday. But he has said he would follow the opinion of Ron Labasky, attorney for the Florida State Supervisors of Elections Association.

Labasky made the recommendation Wednesday that the other supervisors adopted.

"I think this is the best step for everybody involved," St. Lucie Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker said.

"The supervisors want to be together in this decision, and we want to minimize confusion at the precincts," Martin County Elections Supervisor Vicki Davis said.

The supervisors' decision is a partial compliance with last week's request by state Division of Elections Director Dawn Roberts to post a notice in all individual voting booths that a vote for Foley will count as a vote for Negron.

The elections supervisors said Wednesday they would post the notice only at registration tables, although poll workers will have extra copies to give voters who ask questions about the race.

"This has become very controversial, so the public is very much aware of what is going on," Walker said.
I don't know what's so controversial about it. Voters are just being informed of what a vote for Mark Foley on November 7th will do. Aren't we supposed to educate the public or keep them in the dark? I guess it depends on which party you belong to.

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Note- TFM is a registered Democrat who full well acknowledges both parties pull dirty tricks to get their candidates elected. I gave out a knucklehead award in July to two candidates in Miami-Dade County, One Republican and one write-in, who conspired to disenfranchise Democrats. I don't like political shenanigans by either party.

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