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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From the Silly news desk

Some news from New York. This story comes from the part of Long Island I grew up in before moving to Florida with my parents in 1976.

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A suspected burglar was arrested yesterday after police said he climbed 50 feet up a tree and fell to the ground in an attempt to evade Suffolk police.

Police gave the following account:

Joseph Barwick, of 67 Groves Dr. in Riverhead, was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. Barwick, 31, had been on the run from officers from the county's Fourth Squad yesterday after allegedly burglarizing two beverage establishments, one in Kings Park and one in Commack.

Barwick suffered injuries to his legs and back, and was in police custody at Stony Brook University Hospital, where he was admitted.

Police said Barwick broke into Kings Park Beer and Soda at 165 W. Main St. He apparently set off an alarm, and police responded.

About 5:20 a.m., Officer Debra Murphy said she saw Barwick leaving the store through a broken window in the front door. He jumped into a gray 1993 Pontiac Grand Am -- which police said had been stolen on Saturday from an auto body shop in Huntington.

A high-speed chase ensued on Route 25A until Barwick hit a dirt embankment in front of 1 Landing Ave. in Smithtown. Barwick got out of the car and fled into a wooded area.

Canine and aviation units scoured the densely wooded area for about an hour before officers spotted Barwick.

"He was found to be hiding 50 feet up in a tree," said Det. Sgt. William Rand. "He was approached, and then he attempted to climb even higher."

In doing that, Barwick fell and was subsequently arrested.

After police searched the Pontiac, they discovered an undetermined amount of cash and goods that they said might have been taken from another burglary. Police said Barwick also burglarized the Thrifty Beverage Busters at 2055 Rte. 25 in Commack.

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