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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Department of Peace

TFM never heard of that idea til reading this Fort Myers News-Press article. These protestors are welcome to their views, TFM believes strongly in freedom of speech. World peace is an admirable goal, but hardly realistic(Plus potentially dangerous in today's age with the threats of terrorism) in my view. Conflict between man and his fellow man goes back to the days of Cain and Abel. The creation of more bureaucracy isn't going to change human nature. A monumental change in people's thinking will have to happen instead.

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A barrage of rain couldn't stop a group of peace activists from soldiering forward through the streets of Fort Myers. More than 40 people came out to Centennial Park on Saturday to participate in a Walk for Peace organized by The Peace Alliance.

The event was one of 81 walks organized in American cities Saturday, and was intended to raise awareness of a Congressional effort to create a department of peace.

"It just sounds like a really great balance to have a department like this," said Laurie Kerge, a 48-year-old who heard about the walk from a friend and decided to participate.

Such proposals have been in Washington for five years, and won broader attention as a platform issue for presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich in 2004.

Organizers of Saturday's event said the department would provide counter-arguments to the military-oriented recommendations coming from the Department of Defense.

"Our only strategy option right now is war," district leader Rick Gutierrez said.

But the group is sensitive about being labeled anti-war. Organizers said the group simply wants peaceful options explored as well as the use of force. Initially, Gutierrez said, the department would focus on domestic policy.

Some protesters who arrived with signs specifically questioning the Iraq war were discouraged from carrying them during the walk.

"They were subtle about it," said 50-year-old Frank Gubasca. "But I believe in my First Amendment rights."

Sally Mere, promoter of a craft show at the park the same day, had concerns when a table was set up that had not rented space.

"I need to know everybody who is going to be here because I rent out the space in the entire park," Mere said. "But I am not concerned. If they want to march, it's a free country."

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