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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another warning for smokers

Some news from Port St. Lucie Florida. Those parliament cigarettes should have have a label saying. "These may be very dangerous for your personal freedom."

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PORT ST. LUCIE — A disgruntled Port St. Lucie gas station employee stole a roll of scratch-off lottery tickets and cashed in on her $200 winnings, police believe.

A manager at the Shell station at St. Lucie West Boulevard and Northwest Peacock Boulevard noticed a book of tickets missing Friday and led police to 39-year-old Rose Webster.

Then a pack of Parliament 100 cigarettes gave her away.

The person with the missing tickets accepted $200 in winnings at a Cumberland Farms convenience store less than a mile from Webster's home on Southeast Browning Avenue. Cumberland Farms employees picked Webster out of a photo lineup as the ticket holder, Port St. Lucie police Detective Tom Nichols said. They also said she bought a money order and some Parliament 100s with the money.

Nichols said that when he and his partner arrived at Webster's home, "she's smoking, and the first thing I look at is the cigarettes."

They found a match.

Nichols said Webster eventually confessed to the theft and "may have been a disgruntled employee." Shell management recently cut her work hours significantly.

Each of the stolen lottery tickets cost $20, making a roll of 30 worth $600. Police charged Webster with grand theft.

State records show Monday's arrest was Webster's first. She remained at the St. Lucie County jail Tuesday on $2,500 bail.

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