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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Advise or rubber stamp?

The latest in the LPGA tour/Carolyn Bivens saga.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Commissioner Carolyn F. Bivens announced the reformation of the Commissioner's Advisory Council.

The new Commissioner's Advisory Council is comprised of 22 individuals from the corporate, academic, political, philanthropic and cultural arenas and is co-chaired by Bivens and Charles S. Mechem, Jr., commissioner emeritus of the LPGA. The Commissioner's Advisory Council convened for the first time in early September and will continue to meet periodically each year.

The role of the Commissioner's Advisory Council is to provide both expertise and guidance in all aspects of the LPGA's business, while also serving as a sounding board as the LPGA continues to grow and evolve. Members will offer expert counsel and insight in their respective areas and will assist Commissioner Bivens and her staff in optimizing opportunities for the LPGA's future growth and long-term success.

"The LPGA is enjoying one of its most successful times in its history, and I am pleased to welcome the members of the Commissioner's Advisory Council to the LPGA team,"said Bivens. "These individuals represent some of the most creative and accomplished leaders in business. I look forward to working with them as we capitalize on the great performances and personalities of our members and the excitement and interest in women's golf around the world."

Mechem, who led the LPGA from 1990-95, also convened a Commissioner's Advisory Council during his tenure.
Go to the link to see just who is on this Council.

Frequent readers of TFM know of my opinion on Ms. Bivens. She has made a long series of controversial and bad moves. Her statements have also shown an appalling lack of knowledge about the tour's past and present.

So will this advisory panel change anything? I'm skeptical based on Ms. Bivens not taking in the past. Blogger George Frost has no doubts whatsoever. He believes this is just Bivens latest move to take total control of the tour.

George may be right but I'll cut Bivens some slack for the moment. I don't think it will be long before we know just how well she takes advise from this group.

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